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Beet Kraut Sauerkraut

Beet Kraut

Our earthy red beets marry green cabbage in this crispy fresh take on an old classic.

Blaukraut Sauerkraut


Red cabbage, apples and earthy caraway seeds blend together in this German side dish. A perfect complement to hearty meat dishes or savoured by itself. Anthocyanins found in red cabbage are rich in vitamin C and known for their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects.

Curtido Sauerkraut


A traditional El Salvadorian kraut kicked up a notch with immune boosting cumin, chillies, garlic, and oregano for a peppery, crispy flavor.

Garlic Dill Sauerkraut

Garlic Dill Sauerkraut

This garlicky blend of green cabbage, dill, and our Russian red garlic is great on it’s own or paired with meats, sausages, eggs, or mashed potatoes!

The OG Sauerkraut

The OG Sauerkraut

Our original recipe made with green cabbage and Vancouver Island Sea Salt. A tried and true favourite of raw, crunchy, gut-healthy goodness.

Spicy Mexican Sauerkraut

Spicy Mexican Sauerkraut

A nutritious and delicious blend of jalapenos, scallions, garlic, and cumin. Add to tacos, burritos, eggs, bowls, or eat by the forkful.

Tumeric Beet Sauerkraut

Turmeric Beet Sauerkraut

Golden beets and vibrant turmeric unite in this delicious kraut brimming with probiotic powers.

Tumeric Pepper Sauerkraut

Turmeric Pepper Sauerkraut

This delicious kraut packs a punch! Black pepper enhances the body’s absorption of curcumin, the anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric, giving this kraut a host of healthy properties.

Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles

Dill pickles like your Jewish grandma use to make! These crunchy sour pickles are so addictive you might just finish the jar in one sitting.