About Seed to Culture


Meet the Farmers and Fermenters!

When Jill developed an – devastating – allergy to wine she started to question everything about what she was consuming and if there was a better way of eating and living. At the time she had a few stints in hobby farming, she was working in fish conservation and was experimenting with fermentation at home. Living in the city was no longer, so she took a leap of faith and moved to Lillooet to learn more about farming and there she developed Seed to Culture. For Jill, it is all about using the freshest ingredients possible and she takes pride in the fact that the vegetables that she pulls from the earth are the same that you’ll find in any jar of Seed to Culture ferments.

You know when you go on a vacation and you look around and think that you could start a new life there? Christoph did just that and came to Lillooet for a weekend and never left. He liked the people, the climate, the amazing produce and the opportunity to learn more about farming. Prior to coming to Lillooet Christoph did a practicum in sustainable agriculture at UBC and continues to grow as sustainably as possible. He’s been farming for over 10 years now and if there is one thing he loves about it is that it is always challenging and never mundane.